Team leader

Vojtech Adam, Prof.

He has many years of experience in the field of chemistry, biochemistry and nanotechnologies. He is focused on the transfer and commercialisation process of the research results.

Research specialists

Ondrej Zitka, Dr.

He is responsible for the commercialization of products in our company. His scientific focus is aimed on nanomaterials, biosensing and bioanalytics.

Zbynek Heger, Dr.

His topic is the application of nano-based materials for living organisms, mainly utilization of molecular biological methods for in vivo testing of synthesized products.

Dagmar Hegerova, Dr.

She aims on the topics of microbiology, bacterial resistance and the testing of alternatives in the treatment of bacterial infections.


Marcela Pfeiferova

She is responsible for the administration of all activities of Hekiadeu, s.r.o.